Christies Sailing Club welcomes any off the beach sailing dinghy.

There are a range of classes sailed at the club including Pacer, Mirror, 505, 420, Laser, O'pen Bic, Taipan, Topaz, Rubber Duck, and anything else that a member chooses to bring along.

Dinghy races are run as part of the regular club series and Club Championship on Saturday afternoons during the season, and the handicap system allows any boat to race on equal footing. There are additional open events during the season, such as the Pacer Cup and the Mid-Coast Youth and Junior Regatta, where we have entrants from across the State.

Sailing does not have to be about racing, and you are welcome to come and sail just for pleasure. During summer on pleasant evenings some of our members sail Lasers and other small dinghies for fun in the early evening, and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.


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